Horizontal Drilling And Boring

With today’s concerns about the environment, desire to use less destructive methods and cost to the individual as well as taxpayers, this procedure has became the preferred method for underground utility construction. Directional drilling and boring becomes cost effective because it allows for the installation of utilities including gas, water, sewer, electricity, and communications cable without the need for the usual social costs associated with open trench installations such as disruption to traffic flows, damage to roads and highways, sidewalks, driveways, lawns, and gardens.


The company owns and operates 2 VERMEER horizontal directional drills. The two self contained rigs come in the configuration of one 24×40 and one 16×20 each capable of bore lengths of all sizes up to 1000 feet of 10 inch diameter HDPE pipe.

Why Use Trenchless Technology

To minimize social costs, e.g. reduce impact on vehicle traffic, minimum impact to above ground facilities, cost effective for deep installation over 5 or 6 meters, ease of installation under certain conditions such as rivers or highways. A higher rate of production with safe installation can be achieved, reducing the cost for new installations or repairs.

Our Approach

We have extensive experience in the construction of sewer, water, natural gas, hydro electric ducts, telecom ducts and vaults, telephone and any type of pipe and conduit available. We perform your job with highly experienced personal using our leading edge directional drilling technology.


  • Our drilling equipment is maintained well in excess of the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • During drilling operations, we have the ability, expertise, and experience of being able to change our drilling fluids with changing earth conditions throughout the bore.
  • We have the experience to drill in highly congested areas with minimal risk to other existing installations.
  • We use updated techniques and equipment that allow us to drill through areas of high electronic interference.
  • Our extensive pre-bore procedures identify hazards and ensure their avoidance or minimization; which provides our crews, customers, and the public with the greatest degree of safety possible.
  • Wire-line installations are completed with unique procedures that minimize signal loss, reduce risk of unnecessary pullback, and enhance our drilling performance rate.


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